OMF V2C59 The Mighty Dragon God

The people in the capital had already noticed the whirlwind approaching them. It was probably hard not to, considering that it was at least two times higher than the city wall and was whirling around all the debris it had picked up on its way there. After the first person halted and looked up with a pale face, more people followed until half of the capital had stopped doing anything else. They just stood there and pointed at the whirlwind and then started to scream or to cry. They were sure that the bell had tolled for them.
Why was this happening to them? They hadn’t done anything wrong! Why were the heavens punishing them? Could it be that those in the palace had done something atrociously that angered the heavens so much that they wouldn’t just send down lightning to strike the evildoer but instead wipe out the whole country?!
This wasn’t fair! The cries grew louder and soon the tumult reached the palace. The Emperor stood at the entrance of his palace and looked at the sky with furrowed brows. He, too, couldn’t help but wonder if the heavens were angry at something he had done. He tried to recall everything he had said and done in the last few days but couldn’t find anything that might anger the heavens so much. In the end, he fled back into his palace and knelt down in prayer, hoping that he would live and that the heavens might spare his country if he was just sincere enough.
Meanwhile, in a small teahouse, Madam Zhong walked to the entrance upon hearing the noise outside. She looked where all those people pointed and gave a bitter laugh. Just today, she had seen her beloved child again after waiting for so long. He had grown into a fine young man, so she could probably die without regrets. She just would have wished to spend a little more time with him. There were so many things she hadn’t asked about because he was preoccupied with his worry about Qiu Ling.
Madam Zhong sighed. “At least, Jing Yi isn’t here. He’ll certainly be safe at that man’s side.”
Madam Zhong went back into the teahouse and waved at Nie Huang. “There’s a storm coming. You should go home to be with your family.”
Nie Huang didn’t look willing. She hadn’t gone home to her family in quite a few years already. In fact, it would nearly be ten years since she last talked to her parents. She still felt like it was their fault that she hadn’t been able to marry the man she loved back then. And then they had even wanted her to marry someone else instead of concentrating on her tea brewing skills. No, she definitely wouldn’t go back!
“You’d regret it if you didn’t”, said Madam Zhong before she turned around herself and sighed. “I’ll go home to see my husband, too.”
Nie Huang blinked. She, of course, knew that Mister Zhong had already passed away five years ago. “It couldn’t be a really bad storm, could it?” She stood up and ran outside. Her expression derailed when she saw the huge whirlwind.
“No wonder …” She did some soul-searching with a grim expression on her face and finally sighed, too. Madam Zhong was right. She should go home. If this truly was her last day, then she wanted her parents to know that she still loved them. She also understood that they had done it for her own good. She just … had still mourned for the love she would never have and hadn’t been able to accept it back then.
Madam Zhong reached Zhong Gang’s house. She didn’t search for him or his wife and instead went to the small shrine she had made for her husband’s memorial tablet. She knelt down in front of it and smiled at his name. This was the only thing she actually knew how to write and read after staring at it for so long.
“It seems like I’ll be joining you soon. I’m happy to see you again. It’s just … I had hoped that at least I could accompany our son a little longer. Well, he’s in good hands. You remember that Daoist Master from back then? Today, he brought Jing Yi back to the capital but they went out for a while. It’s good because there probably won’t be a capital anymore, soon. I really hope they are far away and won’t get hurt. When Jing Yi finds out he’ll probably be heartbroken but at least, he has that man at his side so he’ll be able to get through it.” She nodded and stood up. She picked up the memorial tablet and clutched it to her chest before going outside. This last storm, she’d weather it together with her husband.
But just when Madam Zhong stepped outside and looked up at the whirlwind without any hope to survive, a true miracle happened! A black dragon appeared out of nowhere and faced off against that punishment sent by the heavens.
Qiu Ling had reached the whirlwind in only a few minutes. As much as he hated this form of his, he had to admit that it was really useful. He stared at the whirlwind in front of him that had already reached the size of an estate.
Ah, he really had been careless. Really, really careless.
He called onto his magic and circled the whirlwind, slowing it somewhat down. The damned thing still didn’t want to stop, though. The huge dragon frowned and circled the whirlwind again, flying in the opposite direction and thus, slowing it down a bit more. But the whirlwind still wasn’t stopping and instead advanced further toward the capital.
The dragon sped up, its tail brushing against the current and throwing down the debris the storm had picked up, taking some of its deadly power away.
The people in the capital stared breathlessly at this scene in front of them. Never would they have believed to see something like this in their lives! All of them were frozen stiff. There was a whirlwind sent by heaven to eradicate them all together with every last dog and chicken in their house and then came a dragon to save all of them!
The first person finally found his senses again. He threw himself to the ground and kowtowed in the direction of the mighty, black dragon. “Long live the dragon god!”
The people around him looked over and then hurriedly did the same. This dragon god had descended to save them! They should pay respects to their savior!
Qiu Ling nearly tumbled down when he heard their cries. This title really rubbed him the wrong way. What was that ‘god’ doing in there? But he had no time to care about that anymore. He first had to stop this whirlwind or it would be too late.
He sped up again and more of the debris crashed down but it still wasn’t enough. It was far from that and they had neared the capital enough for him to spot the teahouse and the house of the Zhongs. He saw Madam Zhong standing there, a memorial tablet in her arms and her gaze fixed on him.
Qiu Ling roared at the whirlwind. Damn this! He hadn’t managed to save his beloved’s father, he definitely wouldn’t fail to save his mother!
In a last, desperate attempt, he opened his maw and just swallowed the whole damn thing. Then, he sped over to the house of the Zhongs and fell from the sky.

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