OMF V3C32 Good Uncle Jin Ling

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Hong Ai and Shen An De could only watch as Hong Bao and Qiu Ling made their deal. They didn’t want to get involved but it was already too late for that anyway. Hong Bao had something to do with all this and if Jin Ling had decided to make trouble they couldn’t just ask him to stop. There was no discussing with the demon king.
“Alright, if there is anything I or the sect can do …”
“Mn, just treat him well.”
Shen An De nodded. He didn’t need to be told twice. The Son of Heaven, what kind of position was that? Even he who had always kept away from the demons knew at least a bit about the immortal realms. And the fact that the Son of Heaven had a position that was more than just a nice title was something everyone would figure out sooner or later. He didn’t know the details, though, but it was enough to know that the gods wouldn’t let anyone off who dared to endanger their Son of Heaven.
Qiu Ling nodded. He hadn’t expected that this would actually turn out so well. He hadn’t managed to find out anything in regards to that mission but who cared? He would be able to marry Jing He if they stayed in the Hei Dian Sect, too, and it wouldn’t even be as much of a hassle as in the Yun Zou Sect. Ah, this really was worth considering.
“Alright. Then I’ll go back to that plant division now to see him.” He stood up and left without another word.
Hong Ai lifted her brows. “What did he mean with plant division?”
“I’m not sure either. He already said that before.”
“It’s certainly the division with the cauldrons!” Hong Bao piped up. “You know the one where they go and dig out plants and then throw them in a cauldron to cook them?”
“The Alchemy division?” Hong Ai smiled and patted her sister’s hand. “You’re probably right. Eh, what do you plan to do to help them?”
“Just wait for it! I’ll certainly be a big help!” She, too, got up and left.
Shen An De looked at the door thoughtfully. “Are you sure this is a good idea? You know how your sister is. If this goes wrong …”
“What could go wrong? She’s only trying to help them get married, not trying to contend against the demons.”
“I’m worried, though. You don’t know Jin Ling. He’s … cunning and unfathomable evil. He wouldn’t stop at anything.”
“He’s a true demon.”
Shen An De nodded. “It’s peculiar, though. I heard he has often contended against the Dragon King but never touched the dragon race. Instead, his subordinates are here in the human realm trying to cause havoc. I don’t know about the relationship with the gods but it shouldn’t be good if he is really after the Son of Heaven.”
“What do you want to say?”
Shen An De shook his head. “Nothing, really. It’s just something very complicated. I don’t know if it’s the right thing to do. It would be better not to get involved at all.”
“It’s not like we have an alternative. This problem has already reached the Hei Dian Sect. Even if we managed to make them leave now it might not help. Actually, it might be worthwhile to help him. He was the one who killed the previous Demon King. He would certainly be able to kill the new one, too. Then we wouldn’t need to think about Jin Ling anymore.” Hong Ai sighed. “I honestly don’t get why he would want you to help him. You’re mostly human. Don’t the demons look down on us?”
“I’m not sure either but I always felt that … Jin Ling was different then I would have expected. He’s arrogant, yes, but look at this Longjun. He isn’t any better. It’s normal considering their status and strength. Back then I didn’t feel like Jin Ling was looking down on me, though. That thing about being a good uncle and nephew was obviously fake but he really didn’t seem to mind that I wasn’t even half demon. Maybe his relationship with my father was unexpectedly good?”
“I doubt it. Demons don’t feel like us. It’s just … about benefits. He probably thought you were worthy to work with. After all, even though they are humans the disciples of the Hei Dian Sect are still Daoists in the end. They can contend against demons.”
“Mn. You might be right.” Shen An De narrowed his eyes and looked at the door. “It might be difficult to contend against a dragon, though. If he turns against us …”
Hong Ai patted the sword at her waist. “Have you forgotten already? He isn’t immune to this. If he really attacks us, we won’t be completely helpless. But actually, I doubt he’ll do something like that. His story certainly wasn’t the whole truth but it’s definitely true that he loves that Son of Heaven very much. As long as we make sure that that person isn’t treated badly here he won’t have any reason to make trouble.”
“Mn, that’s —”
“Grandmaster Shen!” An agitated Elder Shan hurried into the hall and hastily cupped his fists. “I’m sorry for disturbing you and your wife but something happened.”
Shen An De raised his brows. Oh?
“It’s about that new disciple, Qiu Ling. Actually, I just heard that that doesn’t seem to be his name. He’s called Long Jun instead.”
Shen An De and Hong Ai exchanged a glance. They could already imagine how this misunderstanding had happened. But even if that wasn’t the case this alone would never be enough to make Elder Shan so flustered.
“One of my disciples just sent word back that he is dueling one of the disciples of the Dancing Blades Division tomorrow.”
“A duel?” Shen An De raised his brows. This couldn’t have happened after he left just now, right? “How did that happen?”
“It seems it’s about his lover. I also don’t know how that could happen but that disciple somehow got acquainted with his lover and then challenged him to a duel. If he wins, that Long Jun is supposed to give up on his lover. Ah, it’s supposed to be a duel in front of the whole sect, too.”
Shen An De sighed. “Alright. It’s good that you told me. I guess we’ll go and watch, then.”
Hong Ai nodded. She also wanted to see how that Dragon King would fight.
Elder Shan was floored. Had the Grandmaster … just said he’d come to watch? “Shouldn’t we … try to stop the duel? What if he loses? Wouldn’t he blame us?”
“If he lost, then I would have been wrong to have taken an interest in him. But I doubt he will. So there’s no reason to worry.”
“Ah, by the way, it seems his lover was admitted to the Alchemy Division. Make sure he is treated well there.”
“Of course.” Elder Shan bowed and left. He couldn’t help but wonder, though, how Grandmaster Shen had already found out about that boy being admitted into the Alchemy Division when he himself hadn’t even heard of that despite sending Xiao Li to find out more. Well, it probably wasn’t a surprise. That was the Grandmaster, after all.

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