OMF V2C37 He Did What?!

In the nine heavens, the fate’s scribe Shun Tao looked at crown prince Jing He’s scroll of fate with a dubious gaze.
For the last five days, he had gone to the Heavenly emperor’s palace first thing in the morning always repeating the same words: “All is well. His Highness hasn’t started cultivating and is experiencing hardships. He has passed the medium trial of living in humility.” The Heavenly emperor had then nodded with a grave expression and waved him away, reminding him that he had to pay attention and not let anything happen. After five days of this, Shun Tao had started to finally relax a bit. It seemed that things were going upwards again.
Now, he had taken out the scroll of fate to have another look before going and reporting to the Heavenly emperor. One casual look was enough to make his face fall. This couldn’t be true! Why was this happening?!
He read again to make sure he hadn’t misunderstood anything: Zhong Jing Yi attends the gathering of practitioners as part of the audience and is proposed to by the Grandmaster’s only disciple, Qiu Ling. When he rejects the proposal, Qiu Ling offers an Amethyst Lightning pill to remodel his spirit veins.
Shun Tao put a hand to his forehead. He only needed his little finger to think to figure out that that Grandmaster’s disciple Qiu Ling was none other than dragon king Qiu Ling. And that Amethyst Lightning pill was most likely his way of ‘helping’ the crown prince again.
Shun Tao put the scroll of fate down and ran his fingers through his hair. Heavens! What was he supposed to do now? Go to the Heavenly emperor with this message? Well, he couldn’t not do it but he felt like he needed something to let it not sound as bad.
He stared at the characters that slowly formed. Zhong Jing Yi still hadn’t taken the pill, that was good. And he had actually rejected the dragon king which would better the Heavenly emperor’s mood considerably.
Mn, speaking of which … He hadn’t decided on the crown prince’s major trial even now. The first fate he had written had actually included both a love trial and a trial of betrayal so that the crown prince wouldn’t need to pass as many medium and minor trials. It might have been enough if he descended for one second trial instead of having to attempt multiple times like a lot of other gods had to.
Speaking of his love trial … It was quite peculiar that the crown prince rejected the dragon king. Even if he couldn’t remember him, hadn’t that Longjun been with him all this time in the mortal world? Why hadn’t he been able to successfully woo him?
Could it be …
Shun Tao leaped to his feet and ran out of his study, waving one of the scribe’s in his palace over. “Go to the god of love’s palace and ask him if he would be so kind as to seek me out today to discuss a matter related to a god’s trial.”
The scribe nodded and hurried away. Shun Tao sighed. He couldn’t expect Yue Xia to hurry over right away. He probably still had time to inform the Heavenly emperor. Mn, better he went now or he would once again be committing the crime of withholding information from the Heavenly emperor.
Shun Tao furled the scroll of fate once again, put it into his sleeve and hastened over to the Heavenly emperor’s palace.
He waited for the guards to announce him and then hurried in with a tight expression. The Heavenly emperor tensed at his sight and interrupted before he could even start to greet him.
“What has happened?”
Shun Tao knelt down. “To reply to your Majesty, it seems like Longjun was admitted into the same sect as his Highness, the crown prince, and proposed to him.”
“What?!” The Heavenly emperor roared and leaped up from his throne.
That damned dandy had actually dared to propose to his son while Jing He was attempting his mortal trial?! What a vile plan! So he was using the fact that his Jing He couldn’t remember anything to force him into a marriage? His poor child would be completely defenseless against that bastard! And that shameless guy might just use the fact that they had already married in the mortal realm to force his precious son into a marriage even after he returned!
Furthermore … he couldn’t allow that bastard to touch his precious son! It was bad enough that he had dared to grab Jing He’s hands right in front of him. Who knew what he would do down in the mortal world where the two of them were unattended?!
No, this couldn’t go on. He had to do something to save his precious darling!
“Alright, we understand. You may go now.” He waved at Shun Tao. He had no time to deal with his report now. He needed to send people down to save his son.
Shun Tao cleared his throat. “Your Majesty, that is not all this servant has to report.”
“Whatever. Just tell us tomorrow.”
Shun Tao felt cold sweat on his forehead. He said that now! But if he really walked away now and dared to only bring those things up tomorrow, he would be scolded furiously!
“Your Majesty, this pertains Longjun’s proposal and his Highness’ future.”
The Heavenly emperor who had already wanted to leave the high hall halted. “Oh? What do you have to say about that?”
“His Highness rejected the proposal —”
“As expected of our son!” The Heavenly emperor smiled smugly and sat down again. So it turned out he had worried for nothing. His precious son had been able to see the shady ways of that dandy and had already rejected him. It really made him happy that his son was this good at judging someone’s character. Though, as a father, he was a little dejected that he couldn’t hurry to his son’s rescue. Wouldn’t Jing He be happy if he woke up and remembered that his father had always watched over him while he was in the mortal realm? He would certainly be!
“Indeed.” Shun Tao hastily agreed. “There is one unsettling thing, though. Longjun somehow managed to obtain a so-called ‘Heavenly Lightning pill’ which is used to remodel a mortal’s spirit veins. He has already given this pill to his Highness as a means to win him back. Though —”
“Despicable!” The Heavenly emperor slammed a hand on the armrest of his throne and stood up once again. He even clenched his fist this time. Shun Tao could see his heaving chest from the floor. This time, the Heavenly emperor was really angry.
Shun Tao lowered his head. “His Highness hasn’t taken the pill until now but —”
“This bastard really thinks nothing of us! Our son already rejected him but he still tries to force him. No, this can’t continue! We will send someone down right now!” The Heavenly emperor turned on his heel and stalked out of the hall with fluttering robes.
Shun Tao watched him leave. “That … wasn’t the point, though?” Why had the matter about that pill been ignored? And why hadn’t his Majesty asked if he had a plan to counter the problem Longjun had once again caused?
Shun Tao closed his eyes. No, in fact, he didn’t want to know. It was better he was left ignorant regarding this matter. Then, he could at least pretend that there was a good reason for it.
The fate’s scribe sighed, stood up and went back to his own palace just in time to encounter a white-haired old man at the gates. Relief flooded through his body. Finally! Finally, there was someone normal! Now he only had to find out if his assumption was true.

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