OMF V3C19 The Demon And The Dragon King

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In another part of the Hei Dian Sect, Elder Shan was pacing up and down in his room. The Grandmaster hadn’t given him a task officially but he had still felt like he was supposed to find out more about that new disciple and his lover. After all, the amount of information he had been able to provide before was pitiful. He had to make up for that!
He called his youngest disciple over and sat down, trying to look like a dignified Elder. “Xiao Li, I have a mission for you. It’s not that hard but very important to our Hei Dian Sect. Yesterday, two new disciples arrived here. We need as much information about them as possible, preferably without them knowing.”
“Mn. I’ll take care of it, Master.”
“Good. I know I can count on you. The only information I can give you is that they are lovers and one of them seems to be called Qiu Ling. You’ll have to find out everything else by yourself.”
“Qiu Ling?” The disciple tilted his head and frowned. It couldn’t be … No, this had to be a coincidence.
Elder Shan raised his brows. “Oh? Have you heard of him?”
“No, probably not. I just felt that … this name sounded a bit familiar.”
Elder Shan frowned. The Grandmaster had said the same thing. That certainly wasn’t a coincidence. “Then maybe you should start from there.”
“Mn.” The disciple nodded. “Then I’ll take my leave.”
“Do that.” Elder Shan waved him away and continued to ponder. There had to be something special about that person if two people felt like they had heard the name before. Could it be that he had been a famous wandering practitioner before? Ah, no, he probably wasn’t just a practitioner but also a cultivator. After all, he had used his Qi to attack him back in the hall. Yes, such a person would very naturally become famous. It wouldn’t be a surprise if even the Grandmaster had heard about someone like that.
Meanwhile, his disciple had already gone to the Hei Dian Sect’s entrance to inquire about Qiu Ling and Jing Yi.
“So, he actually attacked you?” Xiao Li examined the two disciples in front of him. He didn’t look particularly worried about the fact that someone had attacked the guarding disciples upon his arrival.
“Yes! We were only freed when the others came to take over in the morning. What if there had been an attack that day?”
“Yeah! That guy is too irresponsible! How could they make him a disciple?”
“Is there anything else you noticed?”
The disciples grumbled when they noticed that Xiao Li didn’t care about their plight. “What’s there to notice? We hadn’t seen them before. They just came up to us, attacked us and marched right in. Both were wearing black robes and the taller guy seemed quite strong.”
“Oh. It seems like they were lovers.”
“I see.” Xiao Li ignored the two, turned around and searched for the disciples that had been guarding on the inside. Unfortunately, those two also couldn’t tell him anything. Now, how was he supposed to find this guy?
Yes, he was only interested in Qiu Ling, though he wouldn’t mind finding out a bit about his lover. He stepped to the side and crossed his arms.
I have to at least find out if that new disciple is indeed that person. If he is and I provide His Majesty with this information, then he would certainly let me leave this god-forsaken place. But how do I find out? There aren’t any leads.
He frowned. He knew next to nothing. With just that name he couldn’t go to report. If it turned out to be wrong, then he would never get another chance. No, he had to make sure that it was indeed the right person. Seeing him would be enough. But where to go?
Xiao Li suddenly jerked. Right! That so-called Master of his wouldn’t have given him the task of finding out more if the sect wasn’t valuing that person’s talent. Thus, they would certainly provide him and his lover with the best lodging. The most likely ones were those buildings not far from Elder Shan’s own house. They would sooner or later return there. So, if he just waited close by then he would be able to see him with his own eyes.
Xiao Li hurried over. There weren’t many of these houses in the sect and most of them were occupied by the Elders. Only a few chosen disciples would have the honor to occupy one of them. Even he as a so-called direct disciple of Elder Shan hadn’t gotten the opportunity. If they really let that Qiu Ling live there, then that would show that they were valuing him greatly. Especially since he was a new disciple.
Xiao Li sat down on a stone bench that was situated behind a scrub. He could see the path leading up to the houses in the vicinity from there but the people who came wouldn’t see him immediately. It should be enough for a quick glance.
Unfortunately, he could do nothing but wait and his target didn’t seem like he wanted to show up. After two hours of futile waiting, he couldn’t help but frown. Maybe he had gotten it wrong and the sect hadn’t actually given him one of the houses yet but had just taken a general interest in him? Or maybe they had but it wasn’t one of those situated in the cave but rather up on the mountain? Or maybe that guy was inside and wouldn’t come out until tomorrow?
He slowly grew anxious. This was most likely his only chance to leave this place and get himself a place in court. He couldn’t mess up!
He agonized over what to do but just when he stood up to go and take a look at the other dwellings he noticed the sound of steps from the pathway. He hurriedly sat down again so as to not draw attention onto him and peeked through the branches of the scrub.
Indeed. Two men in black robes were coming up the path. Or rather there was a man that seemed to be in his late twenties that led a boy of about sixteen or seventeen years of age forward. He had hugged his waist and was completely focused on him, not caring about the path in front of them or their surroundings at all.
Xiao Li smiled sinisterly. This man, he was so obviously not human that there was no reason to doubt his initial idea anymore. This person was indeed that Qiu Ling, the king of the dragon race.
Qiu Ling suddenly halted and his gaze flitted to the shrub not far from them. Someone was observing his beloved and that person obviously had ulterior motives! He could feel it even from this distance!
“Long Jun, what is it?” Jing Yi looked over, too, but he couldn’t see anything. Unfortunately, now that he had finally remembered to call Qiu Ling by his alias that was exactly what made Xiao Li completely sure of his inference.
Which non-human in his right mind would dare to let himself be called Longjun? He was right! He had to go and tell His Majesty right away!
Before Xiao Li could take even one step a black-robed figure appeared in front of him. Qiu Ling just wanted to catch the person with the bad intentions toward his beloved but as soon as he stood in front of Xiao Li his expression shifted. “Demon!” He didn’t even unsheathe his weapon but just clawed at him right away.
His nails formed into claws and his hands seemed to have struck but before he could injure him the body transformed into a cloud of black smoke and flew away. Qiu Ling cursed.
Damn this! So I was indeed right. The demons are after Jing He! He clenched his fists not caring one bit that his claws were digging right into his palms. Only when Jing Yi gripped his hand did he come out of his thoughts.
“Long Jun! What happened to your hand?! Who was there?” Jing Yi looked up at him with an anxious expression. It seemed like his imprudence had really led to his fiance being injured. “I’m sorry. This is all my fault.”
Qiu Ling sighed. “It’s not. This … You’re the least responsible for all this.” He looked at the spot where that person had vanished and frowned. In fact, he rather felt that it was his fault.

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