OMF V2C16 A Perfect First Encounter?

Qiu Ling had defeated his opponent in the blink of an eye while all the other fights tended to get longer the further the gathering progressed. Now was the perfect opportunity! After getting rid of those annoying women, Qiu Ling smoothed out his sleeves, adjusted his posture and walked over with an elegant smile on his lips. He was the perfect picture of a gallant young hero.
The few women who hadn’t squeezed into the crowd had already hearts in their eyes. Each and every one of them asked herself the same question: Is he coming over to me?! Especially the one who had pretended to faint before in the hopes of him hurrying over to catch her had her heart beating faster. She was sure her plan had still succeeded in the end. He must have regretted not catching her and was now coming over to apologize!
She smiled sweetly and stepped forward. “Senior martial brother!” Her voice seemed even sweeter than her smile. If it was possible, it might have even dripped with honey.
Qiu Ling didn’t notice her. He stepped past her and stopped in front of Jing Yi. His heart was in his throat. Oh heavens! When had he ever been this nervous? He couldn’t mess up now! The happiness of this mortal lifetime of his beloved’s reincarnation depended on this moment and maybe even the happiness of their life after returning to the nine heavens! This was too important to let any error occur!
He silently gazed at the boy in front of him, taking in every little detail of his face. His eyes were a little bigger than Jing He’s peach blossom eyes, the lashes not as thick and the iris a bit brighter but Qiu Ling still felt like the same person was looking at him. That was his beloved’s soul! Even in this mortal life of his he still looked at him the same way! Ah, this slightly puzzled gaze, just like the day they first met in the nine heavens …
Qiu Ling’s breathing sped up and his gaze turned to Jing Yi’s lips. He wanted to kiss him so badly … He was of a mind to just follow his impulse, to cup his beloved’s cheeks, lean forward and steal a kiss but he held back forcibly.
Don’t mess up!, he chastised himself again.
Even though they looked a little different, this was still his beloved. He deserved being treated like the most precious person in the whole world. He couldn’t just kiss him in front of all those people!
His first kiss should be cherished like he had done it in the nine heavens. They had to be alone for that and the atmosphere had to be just right. A quiet environment would be necessary, maybe with some slight sounds like a gurgling stream or the chirping of birds as the backdrop. The sun would have to shine brightly but not too hot so that his beloved would be comfortable all over. But there also had to be some wind, so that Jing He would feel good when he took him into his arms and pressed him up against his chest. It would be the perfect prelude —
After being stared at for a full five minutes without the other saying a thing, Jing Yi couldn’t help but wet his lips. He wanted to greet him at least, even though he was a little afraid that he might be ignored just like that senior martial sister before him.
The slight movement of Jing Yi’s lips caught Qiu Ling’s attention. After all, he had been staring at them for the whole time. He woke up from his thoughts and couldn’t help but curse himself inside. Damn, he had gotten ahead of himself again! This wasn’t the time to plan their first kiss! This was the time for his prepared first words!
His gaze returned to Jing Yi’s eyes, effectively freezing the greeting in his throat. Yes! He had the initiative back! Under no circumstances would he allow his beloved to say something first. After all, who could promise him that he could then still follow up with his perfect first words?
He had wanted to make this first encounter of theirs as memorable as possible for his beloved. When Jing He woke up he should remember this and then smile that quiet smile of his. He should stand up and come to his side, slowly melting into his embrace.
What could be better suited for this purpose than repeating the words he had said to him back in the nine heavens when they first met? When Jing He woke up, he’d remember it instantly. Of course, he would be endlessly touched!
Just imagining it …
A splendid smile grazed Qiu Ling’s lips and he reached down to take Jing Yi’s hands into his. He held them for a moment, making the boy’s skin tingle with warmth and his heart flutter.
Qiu Ling inched a little closer, his breath tickling Jing Yi’s cheeks. His voice was unexpectedly smooth when he finally said what he had prepared:
“Marry me!”

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