OMF V2C11 Stunning the Crowds

Qiu Ling’s temper seemed quite a bit better after he left that special dimension. His thoughts were a different matter, though. He had had a not so welcome encounter in that dimension but, well, he didn’t want to think about that further for now. He’d much rather go and see his be—
Grandmaster Zhangsun landed in front of him, dashing his hopes of quickly taking a detour to finally visit Jing He. It had been five years, for heaven’s sake! His beloved should nearly be old enough to start thinking about love. It was imperative that he started his seduction soon!
“Master.” Qiu Ling’s expression displayed his true feelings exceptionally well.
Grandmaster Zhangsun didn’t care, though. He just frowned like always and handed him a package. “You came back just in time. The gathering of practitioners that is held every seven years will be starting soon. Change into that and then let’s hurry over. We wouldn’t want to be tardy.”
“Master …” Qiu Ling wanted to complain but that way too direct master of his had already levitated on his sword and was speeding toward the teleportation array. Qiu Ling sighed, unfurled the package and stared at the robe inside. It was … white.
He sighed again. He had always preferred dark clothes because … well, it displayed his creamy skin and his dark eyes exceptionally well, no? Just once had he worn a white robe and that had been the result of An Bai advising him to match his clothes to Jing He’s to get his attention.
Mn, thinking about it now, it had been quite difficult. Jing He was quite particular about his clothing. He would spend a substantial amount of time every day to choose a suitable outfit with matching accessories. He even took the weather into consideration so how would Qiu Ling know what he wore?
Thus, he had been in the difficult situation of having to send someone to spy on his beloved to find what he was wearing that day but still making sure that that person would see nothing that shouldn’t be seen. In the end, he had decided that he trusted none of them enough so he just went and spied on Jing He on his own.
Had he seen something that shouldn’t be seen? Ahem. Even if he had, that wouldn’t be a problem! After all, they would marry in the future. It wasn’t a question of if he saw these things it was just a question of when.
Mn, considering he had quite the fond memories of his one day of wearing a white robe, Qiu Ling hastily changed. Maybe it would do him good if Jing He saw him in a white robe?
Happily smiling, he finally followed his master. Well, if it was some big event then Jing He should be there as well so he could try if wearing white would have an effect.
Master and disciple arrived at the array. Grandmaster Zhangsun, in his typical stoic way of doing things, just stepped inside not caring whether his disciple actually understood anything about arrays or not.
Qiu Ling tilted his head. That thing … looked a little cheap? He wasn’t a master of formations but he could at least tell that these things were not as sophisticated as the ones in the immortal realms. Well, that was to be expected.
He followed his master and the two of them arrived at the venue of the gathering. By now, all those sects attending had arrived. The Sect master of the Yun Zou sect, Yuchi Bing Xia, was already there, too. He had set up an elevated stage for the important guests to watch the fights from. There was one chair that was still not occupied since the Grandmaster had made it his duty to at least attend these important events even though he didn’t really like to leave his palace.
The disciples and their elders expected to see him. What they didn’t expect was the person behind him. Dressed in the white robe Grandmaster Zhangsun had forced on him, with his long black hair fluttering in the breeze and his dark eyes scanning the crowd in a condescending manner he was definitely the role-model of a mighty practitioner!
The Elder of one of the other first tier sects turned around to Yuchi Bing Xia and lifted his brows. “I didn’t know the Yun Zou sect gained such a formidable talent.”
The Sect master could only smile. How could you? Even I didn’t know!
Thankfully, Grandmaster Zhangsun never was one to spend time wastefully. He arrived before the Sect master was in need to answer any awkward questions.
Yuchi Bing Xia stood up. After all, even if he was the Sect master, that position was nothing in front of true power and Grandmaster Zhangsun Xun Yi was one of the most powerful people on the side of the good faction.
“Grandmaster Zhangsun.” He nodded and then shifted his gaze toward the young man behind the Grandmaster. “Maybe you want to introduce him to our esteemed guests yourself?” His question was vague enough to give everyone present the illusion that the Sect master knew exactly who that young man was.
Zhangsun Xun Yi didn’t really feel a need to do so but if the Sect master wanted it … “This is Qiu Ling. My disciple.”
Hardly restrained exclamations could be heard all around. Grandmaster Zhangsun had taken in a disciple? Why hadn’t they heard of that before?! When had this happened?
Qiu Ling didn’t notice this commotion, though, and he didn’t even think about greeting the Sect master or those so-called ‘esteemed guests’. No, his whole attention was on the audience that had gathered below the stage to wait for the start of the gathering.
There he was. His Jing He stood in their midst, clad in a white robe like the other disciples of the Yun Zou sect, though there were none of the blue clouds embroidered on the hems to show that he wasn’t an inner sect disciple yet. Normally, Qiu Ling would have started to rage because of that fact but this time it was different. Not because the time in the special dimension had shown any kind of magical effect but because his mind was preoccupied.
He’s looking at me! He’s directly looking at me! I cannot be mistaken about it!
His heart pounded heavily like it hadn’t done for a long time. In fact, it hadn’t happened since Jing He left for his trial. Sure, he had been happy to see him but it had never been like this. Not this … intense. He actually felt his soul shaking.
Qiu Ling’s gaze accurately pinned Jing He. Seeing an unfamiliar face had surprised him slightly in the beginning but his heart settled down again. Right, Jing He was attempting his trial now. This was just his mortal reincarnation. Mn, still, it was quite sweet that the boy would actually feel attracted to him without his memories of who he was. Could he take that as their innate bond?
In the audience, Jing Yi gulped. Those dark eyes … he felt like they were looking directly at him. His heart leaped. This man, he really looked like the heroes from the stories: A white robe, flowing black hair, sharp brows …
Only … what was with this smoldering gaze?
Just when he thought that somebody dropped to the ground next to him.

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