OMF V1C76 Having To Answer

Shao Hai had struck out his tongue at Guanyu when she left the teahouse. He felt happy having won against her and even happier being able to spend more time with Jing Yi now.
He let him out of his hug, but only to grab his wrist and pull him to one of the tables. He helped him up on the chair and sat beside him, grabbing Jing Yi’s hand as if they had known each other for years already.
Qiu Ling’s gaze bore into the back of his head, but Shao Hai didn’t seem to notice. He was completely focused on Jing Yi.
He smiled at him and squeezed his hand. “You don’t have to be afraid anymore. She’s gone.”
“Mn.” Jing Yi nodded. He had seen her run out of the teahouse. He was happy because she was gone, but he was also nervous. He had never really talked to any children his age. What was he supposed to say?
Shao Hai also didn’t know what to say. He had liked Jing Yi at first glance, but he didn’t know anything about him besides the name Guanyu called him.
Oh! Shao Hai perked up. That is a good way to begin! He leaned over and smiled at Jing Yi. “I’m Shao Hai! The man I came with just now is my father. He’s good friends with Mister Zhong”, he added after thinking a bit. Guanyu was Mister Zhong’s daughter and this was Mister Zhong’s teahouse. If Jing Yi was here and Guanyu was bothering him, he probably had something to do with the Zhongs. If their families had something to do with each other, Jing Yi would certainly warm up to him faster.
Unfortunately, Shao Hai hadn’t taken the right approach. Shao Chen was friends with Zhong Gang, who was Mister Zhong’s cousin. But the one Jing Yi cared about most was his mother. He didn’t really care if someone was acquainted with his father or not. Furthermore, he was still feeling shy.
As a result, he only nodded, but didn’t answer.
Shao Hai became anxious. Why hasn’t it worked? Maybe he doesn’t have to do anything with the Zhong family? Shao Hai felt like he should get to the bottom of this. “Zhong Guanyu called you Jing Yi. So is Jing your families’ name?”
Jing Yi shook his head, but still didn’t talk.
Qiu Ling’s eyes lit up watching this scene. So my beloved doesn’t like him. Hmph, this was to be expected. His taste is so much more refined!
Unfortunately for Qiu Ling, Madam Zhong had taken a look in the children’s direction and noticed that something was strange. She went over on the way to the kitchen and smiled at them. “Jing’er, why don’t you take Shao Hai to elder sister Nie Huang’s room? I’ll bring you some snacks in a bit.”
Jing Yi, who was finally told what to do, hopped down from the chair and looked at Shao Hai expectantly. The other boy didn’t really understand what was going on, but he hurriedly followed Jing Yi.
“Who was the pretty sister just now?”
Jing Yi finally smiled at that question. “That’s my mommy!”
“Oh!” Shao Hai’s eyes grew wide and his ears turned red again. Ah, he sounds so nice!
He followed Jing Yi closely, still holding onto his hand. The children disappeared into the preparation room and sat down at the table there. Nie Huang smiled at them and made them tea, but otherwise left them to themselves.
Now it was Shao Hai’s task to get Jing Yi to talk. He cleared his throat and slid closer to Jing Yi. “So, if your family isn’t named Jing, what is it called?”
Jing Yi looked at him. He didn’t really know what to do, but he felt like Shao Hai had liked it when he answered his previous questions? So he should tell him! “It’s Zhong.”
“Zhong?” Shao Hai repeated the name. Did I hear wrongly? That sounds like uncle Zhong Gang’s name?
Jing Yi nodded, but still didn’t say more. Haish, making friends with him certainly wasn’t easy! But Shao Hai also felt like they were getting somewhere. At least, he didn’t only get a nod or a shake of the head as an answer this time. Who knew, they might be holding a real conversation soon.
“So, is your Zhong the same as uncle Zhong Gang’s Zhong?”
Jing Yi blinked and abruptly started crying.
Shao Hai grew flustered, leapt to his feet and tried patting Jing Yi’s back. “There, there. Why are you crying now?”
Nie Huang, too, grew alarmed. She came over and knelt beside the children, patting Jing Yi’s head. The two of them talked at him, but nothing helped. Instead, the boy cried even harder.
Nie Huang and Shao Hai shared a look. What to do in such a case?
“How about I get his mother?”, Nie Huang could only propose. In fact, she didn’t want to do that if she didn’t have to. It was hard enough to get this job. Now the owner’s wife had entrusted her child to her and it started crying on the first day while under her care. How would she keep her job like this?!
Shao Hai also didn’t want that. If his mother sees he is crying because of me, I might never see him again. I have to make sure, he stops crying before she can find out! He stopped patting Jing Yi’s back and went for a hug instead.
Jing Yi froze. His body went rigid and the sobs stopped at once. Instead, his eyes went wide.
He … he hugged me. Does that mean … he still likes me?
Jing Yi tried turning his head a little, but Shao Hai had hugged him so close that he only got to see some black hair. When Jing Yi didn’t try to wriggle out of his grip and even stopped crying, Shao Hai felt accomplished. He hugged Jing Yi even tighter and started stroking his back. “There, there. You see? Everything is alright. You don’t have to cry.”
“Mn.” Jing Yi smiled and gripped Shao Hai’s sleeve, holding on to him tightly.
It feels good being hugged by him. Though, being hugged by mommy is still better!
“Now, tell big brother Hai why you cried.” Shao Hai leaned back and looked him into the eyes.
Jing Yi pursed his lips. He didn’t want to. What if brother Hai didn’t like him anymore after he did?
“What is it? You don’t want to say? Why that? Don’t you trust me?”
Being pressured like that Jing Yi hung his head and mumbled an answer. It was too low to make out any words, though.
“What was that?”
Jing Yi mumbled again and this time, Shao Hai was sure, he had heard the words ‘didn’t’ and ‘understand’. He furrowed his brow, thinking deeply about the hidden meaning behind those words. Unfortunately, he couldn’t find any.
“I don’t understand. What didn’t you understand?”
Jing Yi looked even worse. “I didn’t understand the question! And if I don’t, you won’t like me anymore!” His eyes welled up again, but Shao Hai was quick to react this time.
He hugged him again and patted his head. “Ah, what are you saying! I’ll still like you, even if you understood nothing!” He smiled brightly at him.
Jing Yi hesitated, but finally he smiled, too. Mn, Brother Hai was really nice. He might just be his favorite person. After mommy.

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