OMF V1C65 She Dared!

After familiarizing themselves with their new workplace and discussing the last details, the Zhongs went back home with Zhong Gang. By now, it was already evening again and another dinner stood before.
Jing Yi gingerly walked in behind Madam Zhong, looking around and hesitating every few steps, as if he was prepared to run out of the house again the very next second. Qiu Ling tailed behind him, a big grin adorning his face, while muttering to himself.
“Look at this! All my hard work back then paid off. I just knew I had to make sure soon, that no girl would be able to bother him. It’s really all thanks to my great insight.”
Unfortunately, even this ‘great insight’ of his coupled with his little schemes, couldn’t deter Guanyu from pursuing her prince charming.
She downright floated into the room. Indeed, looking at her all dressed up, she did resemble a cloud: She wore a blue dress with a white pattern, her long sleeves fluttering in the breeze, while the hem grazed the floor with a slight whooshing sound with each step. Some white ribbons gave her outfit the finishing touch.
Qiu Ling’s grin collapsed upon seeing her. “Damn! It’s that girl again! You still haven’t learned your lesson? This king is going to make sure, you won’t forget this time!”
His fingers motioned and the wind picked up once again. One of the ribbons loosened, its end falling to the ground. Guanyu took another step. Her tiny feet accurately found the ribbon, the strain pulling at her sleeve, costing her her balance and toppling her over. Once again, the girl’s face became acquainted with the floor.
Qiu Ling guffawed. “Take that, damned girl!”
Guanyu lay on the ground, entirely stunned. How come this happened again today? I know! I must have been too excited seeing him again so I didn’t pay attention! I’ll just be more cautious next time.
Qiu Ling waited for the girl to throw a tantrum again, so that her bad impression would stick better with Jing Yi. Unfortunately, Guanyu wasn’t that dumb. After nearly crying her eyes out this morning, only to get no reaction at all, she had already reconsidered her strategy. Of course, this also had a lot to do with her mother Li Fang.
Contrary to Qiu Ling’s high expectations of her, the girl only climbed back to her feet, dusted off her clothes and smiled coyly at Jing Yi.
Qiu Ling clenched his fists and grit his teeth, glowering at her. “You … You dare!” This is too much. No, I won’t accept this! “This is a clear case of a mortal not knowing the immensity of heaven! I’ll show you, what you get for challenging me!” Ts, making such an obvious move on his beloved … this girl obviously wasn’t afraid to die!
Unfortunately for Qiu Ling, his glowering and cursing had no effect on Guanyu, since he was still hidden from mortal eyes. Instead, the girl tidied up her sleeve and slowly made her way over to Jing Yi.
The boy stood there, frozen to the spot, his face devoid of color. Oh no! The dragon came over! I should have escaped sooner. What is it going to do now? Will I really be swallowed whole?
He grabbed his mother’s hand, hoping that she could save him. But then he remembered the bandits. Oh no! Those people came after mommy and father, too. What if the dragon wants to swallow not just me, but also mommy?!
Guanyu still smiled and now, standing in front of him, a faint blush even crept up her cheeks, driving Qiu Ling crazy. Meanwhile, tears welled up in Jing Yi’s eyes.
I should run away. Maybe the dragon will chase me and leave mommy alone?
Comparing his fear of the dragon and his wish for his mother’s safety, his desire to protect his mother was still stronger. Jing Yi let go of her hand and dashed outside.
Guanyu’s smiled dropped. She could only stare after him dumbly, without being able to understand. What has happened? I did nothing wrong this time, didn’t I? She looked at her mother, but Li Fang also didn’t know, what went wrong.
Jing Yi stopped in the courtyard, hiding behind the tree. He waited, but couldn’t hear any steps behind him. He hesitated, but finally took a peek.
The courtyard lay silent. Nobody could be seen. No dragon, no girl, nothing.
Jing Yi blinked. What happened? It couldn’t be …
The boy froze and stared at the entrance at the other side. He still didn’t see the dragon. His face paled once again and he ran back inside, jumping to his mother’s side and hugging her, while glaring at Guanyu.
I won’t allow you to eat my mommy!
Qiu Ling smiled. Mission accomplished! The bad girl seemed to have done something good this time. Mn, maybe I’ll punish you not as harshly.

One thought on “OMF V1C65 She Dared!

  1. Omo, that’s horrible. He’s at least ten thousand years old and she’s like seven. This just looks like unfair bullying :((

    At least let him have some friends, you prehistoric man!

    Liked by 1 person

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