OMF V1C62 Damn That Dandy!

While Leng Jin Yu tried to figure out how this story came about, the god of war, Qiang Yan, was on his way to the heavenly emperor’s palace. He seemed to have seen Leng Jin Yu at the gate of his palace, but when he came over, that youngster was already gone. Shrugging, he still went over to the heavenly emperor’s palace, though his thoughts stayed a little longer with Leng Jin Yu.
Whatever that Shun Tao is planning in regard to the new recruits, I should probably thank him. Unearthing a talent isn’t that easy. Even more so a talent, that fits into one of the palaces. But that Leng Jin Yu just seems to be such a person. I should probably observe a little while longer and extend an invitation if the impression holds true.
He finally reached the heavenly emperor’s palace and pushed the thought aside. Upon entering the study, he could already see the heavenly emperor sitting at his desk and staring vacantly.
Qiang Yan had a look around. They were alone. He went over, plopped down and chuckled. “Still thinking about that son of yours?”
Had it been anyone else, this kind of behavior in front of the heavenly emperor would have been highly disrespectful. Well, it was still rude even for Qiang Yan, but the heavenly emperor didn’t care, since they were family anyway. What use was there for some outdated protocol in front of the people nearest to you?
Yes, Qiang Yan was the older brother of the heavenly empress. The heavenly emperor was his brother-in-law and Jing He was his nephew. It wasn’t without reason, that he spend so much time with the heavenly emperor and dropped the act of being a highly humble subject whenever they were alone. If he wasn’t his brother-in-law, he certainly wouldn’t dare to do that.
Tianjun Rong Su pulled out of his thoughts and sighed. “Bai Fen said not to send someone down.”
“Of course she did.” Qiang Yan laughed again. His brother-in-law spoke about wanting to let Jing He experience more so he could grow, but the truth was, he was a mother hen, who couldn’t tolerate letting that son of his out of his eyes for even a day. If Bai Fen didn’t intervene, Jing He would certainly be followed by guards already. Who knew, if that wouldn’t mess up his fate as a mortal?
The heavenly emperor sighed. “You’re laughing. Just wait until you’re married and have children. You will be just like me.”
“I guess, I’d be more like sister.” If he ever found a wife to have children with, that was.
“Hmph. At least Jing He knows, that I love him.”
“Yes, yes, he does.” Qiang Yan got up, went to the cupboard at the side and procured a flask of wine. “In regards to having someone take a look at his progress …” He sat back down and poured himself a cup, not bothering about inviting his brother-in-law to join in. If he starts drinking, while in that kind of mood, this will end in disaster.
“What about it?” Rong Su couldn’t take it any longer. Why does he take so much time for one simple sentence?!
“I’m not sure, if you’d like it, but I do have an idea, that would not anger my sister and still tell you about Jing He’s progress.”
“Which idea?”
Qiang Yan lifted his cup and slowly savored the wine. “Mn, brother-in-law, you always have good wine at your place. I should come by more often.”
Rong Su slapped the table. “What idea are you talking about, Qiang Yan! Damn it, just tell me straight up!”
Qiang Yan hid his smile behind the cup. There it was again, that temper of his. Should he keep him in suspense a little longer? “Mn, it’s really simple actually.” He put down the cup and gripped the flask again, pouring himself another cup. “You can’t send someone yourself. But you could ask someone to have a look, who isn’t your subject.”
“Someone who isn’t my subject?” Rong Su furrowed his brow. “Who should that be?” Millenniums of being the supreme ruler of the nine heavens led to him not being able to catch on at once. Wasn’t everyone his subject?
Qiang Yan lifted his cup, raising it as if wanting to give a toast, while a slight smile played around his lips. “Longjun.”
Rong Su’s face fell. “Are you kidding me?” His voice sounded flat, but Qiang Yan only chuckled.
“He would certainly be highly interested in having a look at how Jing He’s trial is coming along. He probably can’t wait for him to come back. He’d be thrilled, if you —”
“Over my dead body!” Rong Su leapt to his feet and paced up and down behind his table. “I’d rather surrender to the demons, than give that dandy a chance to see my precious son!”
Qiang Yan sipped the wine and refused to comment. The dragon king was indeed quite vain.
“Argh, just thinking about it makes me want to strangle him!”
“That could prove difficult.”
Rong Su swiveled around and narrowed his eyes. “How can you even bring up something like this?”
“It would be the logical step to take. You both want to know how Jing He is faring and Longjun has no reason not to send someone or — considering his personality — go himself.”
Rong Su froze. “What did you just say?”
Qiang Yan looked up, hesitating a little, but finally still told him: “I said, considering his personality, it wouldn’t be strange for him to descend to the mortal realm himself to have a look at Jing He’s mortal fate.”
Rong Su’s eyes grew wide. “I have to send someone down there now!” He hurried to the door, but Qiang Yan already leapt to his feet and stood in his way.
“Slow down, slow down. Why would you want to send someone down now?”
“Isn’t that obvious?! That guy will certainly descend and try to seduce my poor innocent son! He might have already started his despicable plan!”
“Calm down, brother-in-law. It’s only been seven days. Jing He is only a mortal child of seven years right now. What could Longjun do in such a case?”
“I should still send someone. They can have an eye on him, while he grows up. I’m sure, that guy won’t wait long. He definitely has something planned.”
Qiang Yan drooped his head and sighed. You really are a mother hen. Do you seriously think, Longjun would be able to get near Jing He, if the boy was totally adverse to the idea? It’s obvious, he doesn’t mind the dragon king’s courtship. You should start accepting that fact, brother-in-law. After Jing He returns, those two are going to marry sooner or later.
Even though he thought so, Qiang Yan knew, that this was better not directly brought up in front of the heavenly emperor. The dragon king had a long way to go, before he would be acknowledged by his future father-in-law.
“If he has something planned or not, why do you care? We’re speaking about Jing He’s trial here. It’s not like seducing his mortal self would have any effect on Jing He himself.”
“What do you know? That boy has never been in love. Who knows, if he won’t be swayed, when that bastard whispers some sweet things into his ears down there? He might wake up and still have lingering feelings.”
Qiang Yan sighed. “How could that be? And hasn’t the fate’s scribe already written his fate for the trial? What are you so nervous for?”
“Indeed!” This agreement came from the entrance and with it, the heavenly empress dropped in. She smiled at Qiang Yan and ushered him back to his seat. “Is he going on about Jing He’s trial again?”
“He is. I heard, you already forbade him from sending someone down there?”
“I did. But it seems my husband does not take me seriously anymore.” She threw Rong Su a reproachful look.
“No, no, of course not, my dear!” The heavenly emperor sat back down and forced a smile. “We already said, we wouldn’t send anyone. So of course, I won’t do that.” He threw Qiang Yan a glance, but the god of war just poured himself another cup and ignored him.
“Brother, what did he really say?” Bai Fen turned toward her brother and lifted her brows.
“It’s way more interesting, what I had to say. I told him to ask Longjun to have a look at what’s going on there.”
“And he didn’t like that.”
Qiang Yan shook his head. “Not one bit.”
“Qiang Yan! How dare you tell on me?! Who’s your emperor?”
“Well, that would be you. But I guess family comes first? Anyway, I still think asking Longjun would be the best idea, if you really want to check on him. He’d gladly go and take a look.” He put down the cup and stood up. “I’d better get going now. There are still some things I have to do and I wouldn’t want to get in your way.” He blinked at his sister and left, leaving Rong Su alone with his wife.
“So. You wanted to ask my brother to send someone to our son behind my back.”
Rong Su smiled wryly. Of all people to find out, it just had to be his wife.
“I can tell you right now: No need! Longjun is already down there, guarding our son. He didn’t miss even one moment of his mortal life.”
“That bastard!” Rong Su leapt to his feet again, clenching his fists. “No! I have to tell Qiang Yan to send someone down. I can’t leave my precious son to that dandy!”
The heavenly empress shot him a glance, that let his zest for action wither in an instant. He sat down again. If my wife says so, then I really can’t do anything. But Jing He … My beloved son, I’m so sorry! I have to surrender you to that bastard. At least for a while …
Bai Fen smiled contented, though she couldn’t help but worry at the same time. You better use this chance in the mortal world to assure that husband of mine, that you are the right choice for our son, Qiu Ling. I can’t do more for you than this.

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