OMF V1C58 We Need a Plan!

Zhong Gang coughed, not any less embarrassed than his wife. “I’m sorry. That girl … we probably spoiled her too much and those children in the neighborhood might be a bad influence.”
Mister Zhong scratched his head again. Of course, he wasn’t happy to have someone talk to his son like that, but she was only a little girl after all and one couldn’t argue away, that the main branch of the family was better off than them by a large margin. It was expected for her to behave like that. “No worries, Ah Gang. If she doesn’t like him, then that’s that. We shouldn’t force them to get along.”
Zhong Gang nodded, but still looked apologetic. Haish … This would have been perfect. Why could this daughter of his not comply with his expectations? Was it so hard to fall in love with an adorable looking boy like Jing Yi? What was it with children these days? When he was young, it wasn’t as difficult as this! I see you, you see me, we promise to always love each other … That was the way it should be!
Qiu Ling kept an eye on Zhong Gang’s expression. That guy isn’t done yet. He’ll try something else. His eyes narrowed and he contemplated for a moment, if it would be too much to kill the girl off. Mn, he wouldn’t mind doing it for Jing He’s sake …
In the end, Qiu Ling reconsidered. If something happened to the girl her parents might blame Jing Yi’s family. That wasn’t the outcome he desired. No, he had to go at this in a roundabout way. Something not too harmful, but harmful enough to destroy any chance of her being with Jing Yi. Mn, first of all, I should find out her parent’s plan.
He didn’t have to wait for long. After Zhong Guanyu dropped that bomb, the dinner was over soon and each retired to their own rooms.
Qiu Ling appeared in the courtyard and waved Jing Yi over to him. The boy smiled happily. “I think, the girl doesn’t like me, grandfather!”
“Mn, I think so, too. But you should still be cautious! Her family might plan something else. Girls can change their mind like the wind changes direction! Anything can happen, if you spend time with her.”
“I don’t want to!” Jing Yi puckered his lips, stunning Qiu Ling into silence.
This look … Ah, my love, let’s repeat this when you’ve come of age. I’d like to see this again very much! Qiu Ling cleared his throat and forced himself to get back to the topic. “Don’t worry. You don’t have to. In fact, I’m already working on a plan. Just wait a bit for me to finalize it.”
“I’ll do that!”
“Good. Then go on in now.” He pushed Jing Yi toward the door, hid his body again and paid a visit to Zhong Gang and Li Fang.
The two of them had sat down at the table and started discussing. They were at one with each other regarding this possible future couple.
“We have to do something. The problem isn’t their son, but Guanyu. I can’t believe she said something like this!”
Zhong Gang nodded gravely. “Indeed. And Jing Yi really seems shy. Wouldn’t he be afraid of her now?”
“Yes, yes. With a boy like this, a girl can’t show how headstrong she is. She has to show him her soft side! Then he’ll start to be less cautious around her and if he’s relaxed, love won’t be far!”
Qiu Ling crossed his arms looking from one side to the other. “Completely wrong!” He couldn’t help but blurt out his evaluation of their opinions. In fact, he felt a little sorry, that he couldn’t tell them. “Seriously, it’s exactly the other way around!”
He didn’t know, if it was different for children, but when they were grown up it wasn’t enough to show someone shy your pretty and demure side. Quite the contrary! Hadn’t he won over Jing He exactly because he wasn’t like that? It were his unrelenting advances, that finally won him the crown prince’s heart. In fact, thinking about it now, he had been pretty aggressive in his pursuit of Jing He …
“Mn. It should be done like that.” He nodded to himself and focused on the conversation in front of him again. In the end, it was good for him, if they tried such a faulty way. It would make their plan even more likely to fail.
“First of all, we have to make that headstrong girl take an interest in Jing Yi or she definitely won’t heed our advice. She might behave even fiercer.”
“True, true.” Li Fang got up and paced around the room. “It can’t be that difficult. Guanyu is a girl, after all. If she takes a good look at him, she’ll be head over heels for him.”
“But will she take a look at him? You heard her. She even called him a beggar.”
“Well, his family does look a bit shabby …”
“Heh! Li Fang, that’s my family, too!”
“Aiya.” Li Fang hurried to her husband and started massaging his shoulders. “You know, I didn’t mean it like that. They’re from the countryside. It’s normal to look like that. Just let them wear something, that fits the capital better, and nobody will say anything. And I’m sure, Guanyu will fall in love with Jing Yi at first glance, if he is dressed up a bit.”
“So, you want to say, we should give them clothes?” Zhong Gang scratched his head. “I’m not sure, if that is a good idea. Wouldn’t that be rude to Ah Lei? A man has his pride, after all.”
“It depends on how you approach the subject.”
Zhong Gang looked up at his wife, who scurried back to her place and bent over the table, lowering her voice. “You have to give him a good reason! Tomorrow, you’re going to show him the teahouse anyway. Just use that. Since he’s working there, everyone should see he’s part of our family. Just say you want him to wear matching clothes with you!”
“Matching clothes?” Zhong Gang scratched his head again.
Matching clothes? Qiu Ling furrowed his brow. When had he heard of this? He tried to remember and when he finally did, his face fell. Hadn’t one of his subjects in the dragon realm given him the advice to match his clothes to Jing He’s to get his attention, back when he was still courting him? How was that a show of affection if even cousins would do that!

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